Food Hygiene Rating Scheme
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This free course unlocks invaluable insights into the food hygiene rating scheme, revealing the three key areas examined by an EHO. Using a series of detailed checklists, it helps the food business manager/supervisor assess key strengths and weaknesses of their own premises and guides them through the improvements they need to make, to achieve a 5 star rating. To bring the course to life, we bring you the knowledge of a real EHO who will share his insights and give you practical examples of improvements that can turn good into great.


  • Full self-audit checklist
  • EHO insights
  • Action planner download
  • Free course handbook
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Frequently Asked Questions

This course is written for any food business owner, supervisor or manager who is inspected as part of the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme or Food Hygiene Information Scheme (sometimes referred to as FHRS, 5 star rating, Scores on the doors, FHIS). It explains the three areas covered by a food hygiene inspection, and describes the various elements of the operation that will be looked at in detail. It also includes a set of checklists that allow the learner to run a self audit within their business to prepare for a planned or unannounced inspection

This course has no expiry date – once you have accessed the course, you will be able to go back to the course content whenever you like, and download the checklists, as long as the course is live.

There are approximately 2 hours of study material in the course, but to get the most out of it, we recommend you also spend time reviewing your business using the checklists provided. The time you take to do this will depend on the size and complexity of your business, but it is worth putting aside some dedicated time to do this thoroughly.

There is no exam for this course. The Safer Food Group wrote and published the course with the assistance of our consultant EHO in response to many of our customers feeling stressed or uncertain about their hygiene inspections. We wanted to help them feel confident to put the right processes and check in place to fly through your inspection and gain that all important 5 star rating.

Yes it is! There are no hidden payments to access downloads or certificates - everything you need to take the course is available to you once you sign up and log in. And once you have a learner account, you’ll be able to purchase any food safety courses you need through that account, keeping all of your records and certificates in one place.