This guide covers important information on our accreditation credentials and the qualifications learners achieve from studying online with The Safer Food Group.

Updated for 2018, every Safer Food Group course features an accreditation package now matched by few food safety or H&S online training providers. This includes a nationally recognised qualification from an Ofqual recognised Awarding Organisation (endorsed award or listed qualification) together with a CPD registered credit statement for those required to maintain a professional development portfolio.

All courses follow or exceed the EHO approved syllabus and are subject to regular external audit by our Awarding Organisations, and feature a permanent learner study and achievement record that is available for EHO inspection. This accreditation package, together with our QA processes and accountability to Ofqual provide the basis of a strong due-diligence defence in the event of a serious breakdown safety leading to your individual or organisation’s possible involvement in a criminal prosecution.

Many other training providers cite CPD as their only accreditation. CPD is a low-cost voluntary professional development study hours statement, not a certificated qualification from an Ofqual recognised Awarding Organisation. We strongly recommend you compare our significant accreditation and certification investment with other providers before deciding. Details of how to verify all our accreditation credentials online are included the FAQs below and at the end of this guide.

All our courses feature the following:

  • Accreditation by QUALIFI or RSPH, both Ofqual recognised UK Awarding Organisations.
  • Lead to recognised qualifications (endorsed awards or listed qualifications) at Level 1, 2 or 3.
  • Follow recognised syllabus approved by EHOs, HSE and appropriate professional standards.
  • A permanent verifiable learner study and achievement record (due-diligence defence).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: Will my Environmental Health Officer recognise the certificate (i.e. its accreditation)?

  • Q2: What does ‘fully accredited’ really mean?

  • Q3: Are Continuous Professional Development courses accredited?

  • Q4. Which Awarding Organisations does The Safer Food Group use?

  • Q5: What is an ‘Endorsed Award’ (as opposed to Listed Qualification)?

  • Q6: Is accredited training relevant to my business/organisation?

  • Q7: Is accreditation relevant to me as an independent learner?

  • Q8: Who is the Safer Food Group’s Responsible Officer?

  • Q9: How can I check your accreditation credentials?

Accreditation links

The following links will allow you to quickly check our status and that of our Awarding Organisation partners and download PDF award specifications for every course. For more information please contact us on 0800 612 6784 and ask to speak to the Safer Food Group Responsible Officer for Awards & Examinations. Alternatively you can contact Awarding Organisation QUALIFI direct or 0161 818 9904.

QUALIFI Regulation Statement

Award Specifications including syllabus for all Safer Food Group QUALIFI courses

QUALIFI OFQUAL Status check (Ofqual Reference RN5160)

QUALIFI Award Specifications for all our courses

RSPH OFQUAL Status check (Ofqual Reference RN5255)